Exhibitions (2021 -2022)


Personal exhibition "Life is Life", Art-space Lavra Studio,

Mala Opera, (Kyiv offline), 2021 February.


Group exhibition of street photography, (Ternopil offline), March 2021.


Group exhibition Trieste Photo Fringe 2021 exhibits during Trieste Photo Days festival, (Italy offline), October - November 2021.


Group exhibition NEW EYE at NU ART gallery (Kyiv, offline), September 2021.


Group exhibition "The Secret Life of Color" Praxis Gallery & Photographic Arts Center, (Minneapolis, United States offline), October 2021.


Two group exhibitions at MODI Art&Wine Gallery, (Kyiv, offline), January 2022.


Group exhibition SOUTIEN DE PLATEFORME 10 À L’UKRAINE in support of Ukraine (Lausanne, online) March 2022.


Group exhibition "In the name of freedom" in Chausee 36 Berlin in support of Ukrainian culture and for charitable purposes, (Berlin, offline), April 2022.




Summer residence in Lithuania, Klaipeda, June 2021.


Autumn residence in Lithuania, Nida, October 2021.